Monkey Farts Soap
Monkey Farts Soap
Monkey Farts Soap

Monkey Farts Soap

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DRY SKIN BAR SOAPS: Hop into a fruity and cheery bath with the uplifting scent of Monkey Farts! This 4 ounce, all natural, homemade botanical soap bar is great for repairing damaged skin and has a happy scent that you will love! It is also filled with dried orange peel grains for exfoliation!

Materials: Olive Oil Soap Base, Monkey Farts Fragrance Oil, Orange peel grains, Yellow Soap Coloring, Scub Soap, Children Soap, Kids Soap

Bar Size: 2.5" x 2.5" x 1"
Bar Weight: 4 ounces
Bar Color: Yellow

What does a monkey fart smell like, you ask? Good question! It smells like tropical bubble gum! It it a blend of fresh bananas, juicy grapefruit, kiwi, juicy bubblegum, strawberries; and a hint of vanilla. Monkey farts are smelly, but not in a bad way!

* Cleans skin without drying it out
* Allows your body to naturally shed dead skin cells
* Prevents clogged pores 
* Hypoallergenic 
* Safe for sensitive skin
* Rich in anti-oxidant vitamin A & E
* Contains anti-inflammatory properties
* Vegan friendly