Canadian Maple Leaf Pendant
Canadian Maple Leaf Pendant

Canadian Maple Leaf Pendant

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Maple - feminine in nature and associated with the moon and Jupiter and the elemental energies of water.
Maple is useful in moon magic and in spells related to travel, learning and decision-making, especially in matters related bringing about or dealing with change. 
Maple is also useful for spiritual healing.

Garnet is the crystal of root chakra, wich is color red.
It is used to ground one's dreams in reality, bringing abundance, prosperity, and realization of those dreams.

Citrine - the stone of the sunlight and spring, abundance and manifestation
Its frequency awakens creativity and imagination.

Maple leaf pendant & necklace, charming and classic jewelry,
Garnet, Citrine and Crystal stoned setted in the pendant.

These Maple leaf pendant & necklace is made of brass - 14K gold plated

leaf: 1.2" (3.1cm) long and 1.2" (3.1cm) wide
leaf weight: aproximatly 3.5gr
Choose necklace: 16", 18", 20" OR 22" long.

Red Garnet: 5mm round cabochon cut
Citrine: 4mm and 3mm round cabochon cut

Please, during the checkout, confirm in "Notes for the Seller" the length of the necklace.


Choose necklace: 16", 18", 20" 22" long.