Oak Tree Leaf Necklace
Oak Tree Leaf Necklace

Oak Tree Leaf Necklace

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Oak leaf, remind me of fairies an dwarfs, fantasy stories and dreams

When i was young i use to believe that under the oak tree live magical creatures, like fairies and dwarfs,
They use the oak leaves as clothes and the fruits of the tree as hats on their little heads.

This Oak leaf neacklace is a classic and magical jewelry,

Beautiful for every day and beautiful for a bride
Gentle and delicate necklace.

These Oak leaf pendant & necklace is made of brass - 18K gold plated

Approx long: 2" (5.2cm) 
Approx Wide: 1" (2.6cm) 
Approx weight: 7.5gr


Please, during the checkout, confirm in "Notes for the Seller" the length of the necklace.


Choose necklace: 16", 18", 20" 22" OR 24" long.